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Rest In Disgrace - As Beauty Springs From Mud...

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Gênero: Death/Doom Metal
País: João Pessoa, Paraíba, Brasil
Ano: 2010

Rest In Disgrace's history begins back in early 2007, in Brazil, when the graduate philosopher bass player Márcio Quirino and the guitarist Joao Pachá decided to gather some different ideas in a new project, aside from parallel activities they had had for 10 years (Márcio: Medicine Death, Soturnus, Dissidium; JP: Befamal, Hadom, Dissidium, Madness Factory, Thyresis).

The intention should be then create something original, yet within the well known circle of metal music. And with this purpose in mind the former members chose their main influences very precisely and conciously, since those influences had to point exactly what was their sonoric bloodline - which would, musically speaking, put the new band to take place in some spot amongst the force of traditional Heavy Metal, the rawness and power of Death Metal and the density of Dark/Doom. So Iron Maiden, Samael, Metallica, Megadeth, Carcass, In Flames, Ophthalamia, At The Gates, Katatonia, October Tide would properly fit their style.

Past the first compositions, rehearsals and shows featuring some guest members came, increasing the will and dedication of the group in as much as they became more rigorous and selective with their music. At this point, the experienced vocalist and old friend Rafael Basso (Soturnus, Hate Liberation (Swe), Unlit Face (Swe) ) joined them and contributed on recordings, which was crucial for the development and successful finishing of the debut studio work, an EP entitled „As Beauty Springs From Mud...“, containing 7 tracks with the essence of Rest In Disgrace, both in the sounds and the lyrics, the later being based on Indian Mythology, Buddhism, Existencialism, psychological despair and pessimistic philosophies, all this in a fair attempt to enrich traditional themes of metal with their own experiences and (dis)beliefs.

Then the time came (2010) when higher and further vaults were necessary, and the core of the band, i. e. Márcio and JP decided to move to Europe, aiming at a wider and more solid scene to launch their career. That's when Rest In Disgrace gathers all its forces and creativity to spread its work out and start the process of writing a new album, which is intended to be a full-length to cause impact and confirm the artistic value that „As Beauty...“ once brought to light!


Rest In Disgrace surgiu no ano de 2007, tendo em sua formação o baixista Márcio Quirino e o guitarrista João Pachá, então associados a músicos convidados, devido à intenção original de dividir suas atividades entre o projeto de estúdio e "on stage".

O grupo, desenvolve sonoridades características do gênero metal, que vão desde o Death e o Dark /Doom, sobretudo num modelo mais familiar ao "moderno" metal (sueco), até o Thrash e o Heavy Metal tradicionais. Assim, traz influências de alguns representantes icônicos desses estilos, como: Carcass, Samael, Katatonia, At the gates, In flames e Iron maiden.

Budismo, mitologia hindu, e filosofia completa a temática explorada pela banda, num misto de linguagem cotidiana, lirismo, pessimismo e espiritualidade (longe de qualquer conotação doutrinária ou religiosa).
O primeiro trabalho de estúdio, intitulado: "As beauty springs from mud..." (2010), tem a participação do experiente vocalista Rafael Basso (ex Soturnus, atualmente residindo na Suécia e cantando também para as bandas locais: Hate Libertation e Unlit face), e novas perspectivas artísticas dentro do seu segmento musical.

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1. Samsara 01:14
2. Ascendance 03:57
3. The Veil of Maya 05:42
4. Dreaming 01:52
5. Vanity 04:15
6. The Dying Lotus 02:23
7. Unnamed Feelings / Descension 12:27


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